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Serving Idaho Since 1985

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35 Years of Excellence

Our Services

Advanced Dry Carpet Cleaning

With our new advanced dry carpet cleaning method, you get a low moisture deep carpet clean that is Carpet & Rug Institute approved. With three times the cleaning power of the old steam cleaning method and under 1-hour dry times! You get a safe, professional, and effective clean that does not interrupt your day. Our carpet cleaning is by far the best method for a high-powered and convenient clean.

Furniture Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning is the deepest clean you can get. Say goodbye to pet dander, dust mites, or spots. You know it will be done right, with professional cleaning of your furniture with MultiClean. We go beyond the basics and provide a cleaning that is safe, effective, and highly professional.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

With our steam cleaning method, you get a powerful clean that flushes out your carpet and is a great option for carpets that need an extra boost of power.

What makes us the best choice as your cleaning provider?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

A promise to you to provide you with the best team, cleaning, experience, quality, and value possible. Our guarantee does not start at the door; it's in everything we do.

Exact Arrival Times

Don't you hate it when you get wide arrival times for home services? We do too! That is why we provide exact arrival times to our customers! We also tell you how long the job will take before we start - so you are not guessing. It's just the right thing to do!

Exact Pricing

Don't you hate it when you get an 'estimate' and after the job, that 'estimate' turns into a shocking price hike! We do too! This is why when your cleaning technician arrives on-site, he does a complete carpet/furniture inspection and provides you an exact price before he starts! We also provide accurate estimates over the phone, even before your tech arrives. This way, you know what to expect throughout the whole process. It's just the right thing to do.

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